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Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America Review

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by Ted Cruz

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“Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America” by Senator Ted Cruz presents a robust critique of what he describes as ‘cultural Marxism’ pervading various American institutions. The book has been praised for its detailed analysis and practical solutions to address the challenges posed by this ideology.

The book begins with Cruz’s personal narrative, drawing upon the story of his father, a Cuban immigrant who initially supported Fidel Castro but later renounced his views after witnessing the consequences of Castro’s regime. Cruz uses this story to frame his understanding of Marxism and its impacts. He describes Marxism as a worldview fundamentally focused on the conflict between oppressors and victims, initially in socioeconomic terms but later expanding to cultural domains. The book argues that Marxism, particularly in its cultural form, has infiltrated various sectors, including education, media, Big Tech, and entertainment, transforming them into platforms for promoting a leftist agenda.

Cruz asserts that cultural Marxism has led to radical changes in societal norms and values, highlighting its influence in areas such as race, gender, and sexual orientation. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and combating this ideology to preserve American values and institutions. The book outlines a strategic plan for reclaiming these institutions, advocating for transparency and public engagement as key tactics.

The senator’s approach includes empowering individuals to challenge and expose what he perceives as the radical left’s unpopular ideas. He underscores the importance of conservative and libertarian investment in cultural platforms to counterbalance leftist ideologies. Cruz also draws parallels between the ideological battle against cultural Marxism and the Cold War, suggesting that a similar strategy could be effective in confronting China’s global influence.

Cruz’s analysis extends to specific examples, such as boycotts against corporations like Bud Light and Target for their embrace of transgender ideology. He argues for changing the cost-benefit analysis for businesses to deter them from engaging in politics, emphasizing the need for them to focus on their primary activities rather than political agendas.

Overall, “Unwoke” is positioned as a comprehensive guide for conservatives to understand and counter the rise of cultural Marxism in America. Cruz’s narrative combines personal experiences, historical parallels, and current political analysis to offer a multifaceted approach to tackling what he perceives as a significant threat to American society and values​.

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